An Accurate, Efficient Pill Counter

Chempharm Corp ships the pill counter and sorting machine from West Palm Beach, Florida. With more than 50 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, our staff knows what pharmacy techs are looking for. Count up to 99% of tablets or capsules in your department with speed that only grows with your dexterity.


Shake & Roll Tablet/Capsule Counter

We offer a one-person counter for as low as $189.85, as well as a two-person model for $294.85 (plus shipping & handling). This counter is ideal for prescription departments, clinical trials, and can also be used as a verification system and quality assurance in your QA department.

Customers can buy the whole set as well, with the option to buy specific parts separately. Many clients, including pharmacists, pharm techs, manufacturers, doctors, and vets, have called this the best counting system they have ever used. It's features include:

Lasts More Than 15 Years | 100% Accurate Count | Can Verify Counts for Electronic Machines | Requires Only 8" x 7" Space | Uses No Electricity | Low Maintenance | Easy Cleaning


Easy to handle and easy to store.

A Great tool to keep on hand!

The Helping Hand Pharmatool

This all in one tool will save time by eliminating the search for other tools to complete a task. Keep the Pharmatool close by and it will help assist in small tasks throughout the day, saving you time and saving you energy.

The Pharmatool is a multi-purpose tool developed by a pharmacist for consumers, clinics, hospitals, pharmacists, pharmacies, and vets. Opens and removes safety caps, picks cotton, cuts seals, opens cartons. You will find a new use for it daily so be experimental.

Multi Tool

The Shake & Roll Tablet/Capsule Counter